Be prepared for these sort of problems.
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Question, can my fursona be based off my real self in terms of the traits, downfalls, likes, dislikes, and name?
Don't be afraid to play around with animal flash makers over the internet to get some ideas on color combinations you might not have thought to use!Well say that John is looking for a tool that allows him to present his ideas to his clients and management easy and without hours wasted on drawing everything from the ground.Finding what motivates and frustrates your customers is something you must include in personas.Remember that any tiny detail may lead you to a wonderful insight.If you can't decide on just one, you're also free to make a hybrid, or have multiple fursonas.Ignore them - people online and sometimes even in real life do not understand nor accept furry culture, and believe furries to be deviants.Many creatures such as dragons are often made of fleece, minky, or another soft material to keep a soft feel to the character but not use fur specifically.Research other fursonas that people have made!You can definitely be a furry if you are a Christian.Do they have anything interesting or noteworthy?
There's so much fun your team can have when creating persona.
Step VI: Motivations Pain points.
On the other hand, avoid unnecessary information that may cause cluttering and confusion.
Nobody can claim a fursona name, so don't feel pressured to make a "unique" name if you don't want.
For example, if your Fursona is a bear, you may want to have it be taller and heavier than you are.
Your fursona can also have tattoos, piercings, patches of different colored fur/feathers/scales/skin, even extra tails if you'd like!In John's case, his pain points may be that he doesnt want to spend too much time learning the ropes of a tool.Question, does a fursuit nessicarily have to be made of fur?Digitigrade stance means that the feet of the fursona resemble an animals foot in that the heel is higher up and only the toes and the ball of the feet touch the ground.Don't compare yourself to others.Add a photo Upload error Awesome picture!Step V: Define Persona Goals.The size and age of your Fursona is completely up to you, although you may want to research the animal you chose.Warnings Some people have a prejudice against furries in real life.Your art style is unique, and there is no other artist like you.

Nothing beats talking to a real person.