Put your cursor on top of the black block on the bottom right corner of the cell.
They may be distributed freely provided that all the worksheets, macros and documentation are always distributed together, in whole and unchanged.
Do not highlight the row headings.If you encounter problems, please contact me: Gabor Doka: scaplo at doka dot.Data to use to make a scatter plot - data from the Connecticut Tumor Registry presents age-adjusted numbers of melanoma incidences per 100,000 people for 37 years from 1936 to 1972 (Houghton, Flannery, and Viola, 1980).Each x/y variable is represented on the graph as a dot or a cross.MS Excel has standard chart types for this:.or this:.or this:.but not this: (Fig.Step 7 - Select XY (Scatter) as the chart type.Step 1 - Open excel, type x in cell A1 and type y in cell.Excel how to make truffles will be used to create the values from the equation, will then be used to display a scatter plot of the data, and then will be used to find the best fit for the given data.Use this page to generate a scatter diagram for a set of data: Enter the x and y data in the text box above.My finished chart, scatter plot, is displayed below: All of the values used to create the chart above were derived from a linear equation.
Step 9 - The next window is the Source Data window (Step 2 of 4 in the Chart Wizard).
This tutorial will use a linear equation to create a table of values for Y when given a set of x values.
The chart has these properties: Display points with arbitrary X/Y/Z values, rotate the plot freely in all three dimensions (see animated GIF 1MB, assembled from screenshots zoom into the plot and shift projection.
I used 3, 2, 1, 0-, -1, -2, and -3.
Option to color points according to X,Y, or Z value or a 4th column, using a macro (see Fig.
Vertical leading lines (143kB JPG) for the plotted points (see Fig.Option to make 4D bubble plots (143kB JPG) according to X,Y, or Z value or a 4th column, using a macro (see Fig.Step 10 - In Step 3 of 4 of the Chart Wizard, Chart Options, I added a title using the Title tab and took the check mark out of the Show Legend box at the Legend tab.This expired page is from the Internet Archive known as the Wayback Machine.The 'Excel 3D Scatter Plot' macros may not be sold or offered for sale, or included with another software product offered for sale.As long as you leave the mouse button depressed, you will see the sample graph produced from the data used.The resulting scatter plot would show a nice inverse relationship.See this article for a full explanation on producing a plot from a spreadsheet table.One thing you might do is to go back to the data and create a second set of values.Step 12 - After the chart is created, the Data menu changes to the Chart menu.

Download Excel3Dscatterplotv2_1.zip (3.1 MB ZIP).
The VBA code is free software.
Press the Next button at the bottom of the Chart Wizard window.