During the campaign, Trump often used the slogan, especially by wearing hats emblazoned with the phrase in white letters, which soon became popular among his supporters.
Kane, Paul; Pogrund, Gabriel; Itkowitz, Colby (September 1, 2017).
Retrieved July 13, 2016."Snoop Dogg Previews New EP With ' Make America Crip Again ' Song".Maybe Trump is talking about the period just after the Civil War, when the country was officially reunited after a painful Southern japanse tuin maken secession.Those barriers were wildly successful, and by the turn of the century, virtually no Southern blacks were able to cast a ballot and participate in the political process."Even a video game's ' Make America Nazi-free Again ' slogan ticked some hoe maak je een thermosfles people off".The 1950s are often held up as a beacon of conservative American morality; perhaps that is when America was great.
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19 President Trump stated in January 2017 that the slogan of his 2020 reelection campaign would be "Keep America Great" and immediately ordered a lawyer to trademark.
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"Octavia Butler's 1998 Dystopian Novel Features a Fascistic Presidential Candidate Who Promises to " Make America Great Again ".
Holmes, Dave (May 31, 2017)."Who really first came up with the phrase ' Make America Great Again '?".I Agree to See.Retrieved November 18, 2016.The problem is that "back on top" means stepping over those who don't share their race and gender.Donald Trump's promise he'll make us great again is an insult to that legacy of self-examination and of betterment."John Oliver's 'Donald Drumpf' Segment Broke HBO Viewing Records".And when you peel intersport ski code promo back the rhetoric and face the reality, what he pledges to return us to wasn't actually so great at all.There's also the small detail that American land was stolen from Native Americans, many of whom were murdered directly or killed off by new germs early on in the European settlement of the United States, and who saw their communities torn apart not just.(January 2019) The most widespread uses of the phrase and its variants were in media, especially television comedies."Christine O'Donnell promotes memoir".Make America great again." 52 Frank Turner released a song called " Make America Great Again " on his 2018 album Be More Kind.Young white women were expected to marry young and serve their husbands instead of finishing college or pursuing their own ambitions; women of color and working-class women routinely worked outside of the home for depressed wages and little respect, and were often vulnerable to sexual.