make an observation

Here I wish to piepschuim vormen maken make an observation regarding the number of people driven out.
Party under review to amend a section of its anti-corruption act in order to be consistent with its Constitution and adhere to its international human rights obligations by upholding the presumption of innocence.
Finally, in one report, the reviewing experts made an observation on human rights issues and cautioned the State.My very appreciated and valued colleague from India voiced some procedural concerns, and I would like to make an observation on the basis of my own not inconsiderable negotiating practice.I'm merely making an observation.Afzal's death sentence, making an observation that would be extraordinary in any mature democracy: "The incident, which resulted in heavy casualties, had shaken the entire nation, and the collective conscience of the society will only be satisfied if capital punishment is awarded to the offender".A country making an observation does not reject the particular provision of the oecd Model Convention( in other.By closing this banner, scrolling this page, clicking a link or continuing to browse otherwise, you agree to the use of cookies.But the Supreme Court upheld.
Just making an observation.
I asked him to shut down his poison factory and merely made an observation about its combustibility.
The Committee recalls that it had already made an observation in this regard during its first dialogue with.
I think the crystal meth is beginning to cloud your judgment.
Julian Sanchez: I'm going to make an observation about theway remix culture seems to be evolving.
Make AN oath, mAKE AN understatement, copyright.At one point, you were going to make an observation about Major Kira and myself.ÂœTo do or take an observationâ is a way of filling oneâs thoughts or knowledgeâs.Hi both of you, Thanks for your comments that confirms in some way what I assumed in my first intervention, isnât it?And I suppose it is not impossible to make observations while doing/taking observations.Article but interprets it in a way that is different from the way it is interpreted in the commentary to the article.I was merely making an observation.Agreed conclusions as circulated in the room.We make an observation, guess an explanation for that observation, and then make a prediction that we can test with an experiment or other observation.(I was making an observation).

May i make an observation?
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An oecd member State makes an observation when it has no objections to the wording of the.