He opened a drawer and made out that he was looking for something.
Substance, thing constitution f the archeon korting alphenaren chemical make-up of the atmosphere la constitution chimique de l'atmosphère make-up artist n maquilleur (-euse) m/f make-up bag n trousse f de maquillage make-up remover n démaquillant.
The unit has to make do with one nurse for every two patients n (brand) marque f She couldn't tell what make of car he was driving.Children to play at make-believe jouer à faire semblant. Je ne te crois pas."made in France" "fabriqué en France" money gagner, he was making nine hundred dollars a week.We made a terrible racket as we came out of the club.Can we make out a case claiming discrimination?I can't make her out at all. .To make up the bed faire le lit parcel faire vi se réconcilier They had a quarrel, but soon made. .
Experts believe that the drought will be extensive.
Ghosts croire à, do you believe in ghosts? .
(put forward) to make out a case for sth présenter des arguments en faveur de qch You could certainly make out a case for this point of view.
Ils se sont disputés, mais se sont vite réconciliés.I couldn't believe my ears je n'en croyais pas mes oreilles vi croire to believe in God croire.A life of make-believe une vie de faux-semblants.She squandered millions on a life of make-believe.I didn't believe him.Make out vt sep (write out) cheque, bill libeller, faire I made a cheque out for 300 pounds.Using advanced psychological techniques and specialized procedures Dixon converts delinquent klein cadeautje man accounts into profitable customers.It's not as hard as people make out. .(succeed) to make it réussir You're brave and resourceful.His parents always believed in him, and encouraged him.

Make-believe n (fantasy) illusion f, i always thought it was just make-believe we know it's a Scotland of make believe - albeit a Scotland we can sell.
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