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Take this One, the Rebus shows an Apple and the mathematical number for Pi which gives us Apple Pie!
You can meet here Who Am I riddles, riddles for kids, riddles for adults and others.
Look at the following images and try to work out what they mean.For many Americans, the show served as their first introduction to rebus puzzles.You can choose what characters you want to view.How Can Rebuses be Used in the Primary Classroom?You can then either print the image or take a screenshot of it and crop to create a jpeg.Remember to make an "Answers" section in your book, so that readers can check their answers.For this, I used the Emojis and the Numerals.A word can be spelt in a particular direction other than the usual like left-to-right to reveal a hint to the solution.Then, they can start creating basic words, such as phone, flower, chair, colors, etc.I find that the emojis are really difficult to see, so my favorite website to find emojis or symbols.This would be similar to the "Question of the Day" activity except that you show the children a Rebus, and they have to try and work out what it means.
2) Have a "Rebus of the Day competition".
This website features a cool rebus generator that turns the text of your choice into a fun little picture puzzle.
Answers to the puzzles above: appsolutelyapril tech keynote flower phone, sentence: I went to school.Interestingly, some written languages, like Egyptian hieroglyphics and even Chinese are based on the rebus principle source: Noth.Heres my example: For this, you can use the built in emojis in your computer or iPad (on computer: controlspace).To create the image, click on the link and enter your text into the box.Reveal Answer, win with ease, reveal Answer, try to understand.Reveal Answer, life begins at 40!Reveal Answer, space invaders, reveal Answer, growing Economy.You can adjust the colour to be relevant in the answer.But don't peek until you make a guess!

The sound might not always be exactly like the answer, but it will always be close enough to recognise.
Highlighting withiebus puzzle, sometimes you can draw attention to some part of the Rebus, by an arrow, text bolding or underlining, indicating where you should be looking for the clue.
Part 2: Create your own rebus puzzle and sentences.