When you put cosmetics on your face to look pretty on a date, are slagings cadeau you using makeup or make up?
Eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara all emphasize the eyes.
Which one you use depends on which part of speech you need.
I'm trying to make up the time I lost while I was sick.Make up is a verb phrase.People use lipstick to color their lips.In this post, I will compare makeup.I will also demonstrate how to use a mnemonic device that makes choosing make up or makeup a little easier.There are other types of makeup, as well.
The New York Times When this term is constructed as the hyphenated compound make-up, it becomes an adjective, like in the phrases make-up game or make-up test.
Why don't you just kiss and make up?
The board of directors is made up of men and women.
(Create something) I asked where he had been all day, but he just made up a story.
These phrases describe events that had to be postponed, and are now taking place at a later date instead.
Also, make-up artist, make-up remover, make-up bag.
When you're the boss you can make up your own rules.The salary's not great, but the perks make up for.Make up your mind then, for the time of deliberation is over.Met deze cookies kunnen wij het bezoek en winkelen bij de Bijenkorf website voor jou nog makkelijker en persoonlijker maken, door bijvoorbeeld persoonlijke aanbevelingen te doen.My grandmother used to make up her own medicines.(Fabricate a false event or story) Here is another example of make-up being used to indicate the completion of something postponed.I will use each term in some example sentences, which will give you an idea how they should appear in context.Since makeup is a compound noun, like the compound nouns takeout and kickoff, the construction of the word is you clue that makeup is a noun.He couldn't make up his mind about what to do with the money.The short story is that one is a noun and one is a verb, but, for a more in-depth discussion, continue reading.What is the Difference Between Makeup and Make Up?Now, lets go over a trick to keep track of make.You are probably beautiful just the way you are, and you dont need to worry about either of those things, but if you work for a cosmetics company and you are in charge of designing ads, you will need to know the difference between these.

Trick to Remember the Difference Makeup is a noun, while make up is a verb phrase.
With 20 confirmed cases of measles in New York City, now is a good time to check your childrens vaccination records, make up for any shots missed because of illness or travel and reconsider any stance your family might have taken on delaying or refusing.