make video look like stop motion

Set up your first shot in an area without wind or background movement.
You may need to block outside light with blinds or curtains, if clouds or other moving shadows are causing changes in brightness.You can find these online for as low as 5 USD.All you have to do is take one picture, then move the figure slightly, then take another picture, then move the figure slightly again, and so on until it has reached its destination.Different frame rates do get used for effects, such as camera pans.You may want surprise maken spelcomputer to take two or three photos of each position, just in case.You're now all set for creating the stop motion animation.2, install stop motion software.11 Duplicate frames so the movements happen at a slower pace.One second of film can take 1824 photos, so you'll get plenty of practice from this.Hold it up in the air for every shot that you want it to fly.If one of them falls over during filming, it can take quite a while to set it back up in the exact position.
Once you save the video, it should flow fine.
Start with a small project, such as an orange peeling itself.
If your computer is slightly slow and you try to preview your video in the editing stage, the film may skip frames or get stuck on one frame.Add audio to give emotion and connect the story.The development, in which more elements are introduced to further complicate or challenge what already existed.Posting it to web?Select the first image in your album, and Virtual Dub will automatically import all other pictures that follow in numerical order (e.g DCM1000, DCM1001, DCM1002).This speeds up the process and still looks okay.So dont do that.