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Incorporate video and images to create media and culture-rich exercises.
Make oral exams that take a fraction of the time to administer and assess.Org) PowerPoint Presentations how to make washing soap : PDF : Classrooms : Class Set-Up Tool - Design the ideal classroom layout (m) wiki : How to create a wiki "A wiki is a type of collaborative website with integrated tools for adding and editing content.Org) "provides resources and information for teachers and students to implement video production in the classroom.(m) Rich Internet Applications for Language Learning : Online programs for recording, uploading, mixing, and interacting.Cet outil pourra également être utilisé pour élaborer des posters, flyers, etc, dans le cadre de projets actionnels." (Ac.Capturer une video sur internet avec Camstudio Diffuser des fichiers vidéo dans une salle de classe Prélever des extraits sur un DVD Didactiser un document audio par Stéphane Busuttil - Rivesaltes (66) Faces : The Funny Face Maker!
No technical skills or programming knowledge is required to make these fun and effective study games simply fill in the blanks with your own questions and answers and your flash-based game is instantly created and available for your students to play online.
Narrable start by uploading some pictures that you either want to talk about or have music played behind.
Q A quizzes, provide eight questions and answers.
What exercises does lingle have?Indent text (using the TAB key) to start a new branch of nodes.If you would like to create some games in the meantime, please sign up for a great value student or teacher Premium Account.They can help people understand complex ideas or plans." (m) exploiting infographics by Nik Peachey whats AN infographic?Less, eLLs become familiar with the letters that make up the word, the sounds that those letters make, and the pronunciation of the word while playing.Click the sign up link at the top of this page if you are ready to start creating your own study games like the ones above."Nous vous proposons un exemple de jeu en téléchargement, ainsi qu'une version modifiable que vous pouvez adapter et utiliser dans toutes vos classes selon les objectifs que vous vous fixez.(m) Activités sonores : Comic strips : blank comic templates "Can you write a Grammarman story?mélange des mots dans la ligne - mélange des lignes d'un texte - texte à trous (TXT handler peut filtrer les items lexicaux / grammaticaux) - texte à trous (trous choisis par l'élève) mise de la ponctuation - Compatible avec la lecture d'une vidéo.The finished printout can be folded into a fun cube shape that can be used for future reference." Family trees : Grow a tree "Build a fab family tree to showcase your one-of-a-kind family!" Site signalé par Renée Maufroid (pbskids.Follow the directions, use your imagination, and have fun!" (m) Flashcards : Flashcards (m) Create your own / Study online / Printable Flashcards flash card maker - with a word, character or date (m) Cards : Anglais en Segpa, Insertion et Classes Spéciales (ou autres!).To create an exciting biography, you will now follow these steps:.

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