The actual explanation of polarized light is more technical than described above.
You can print out these instructions from "Instructions" above.
Score the plastic repeatedly and lightly with a utility knife until there is a deep groove, then bend lightly to snap it apart.Measure and mark the 33 every 6 inches and cut with the miter saw to create 10 field kubbs.It won't make.You can buy these at office supply stores.Sometimes called "Active 3D this technology requires advanced design that can't be copied at home.
To learn about polarized 3D glasses and how to make them, read on!
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Use permanent markers to color one side of each lens.Question Can I use colored plastic papers instead of making the lens from plastic and coloring it?If it's still pretty light, color the other side of the lens as well.Answer this question Flag.Of course, you can also draw your droogijs maken thuis own design, or combine your drawing with elements that are printed out. .Making these glasses at home how to make white wine sangria is probably more expensive than buying a pair, especially since any theater experience or TV that relies this technology probably comes with a pair of glasses.

Cut a straight line down to the bottom of that piece of paper. .