This summer, the long-simmering feud between Pusha and the Canadian superstar spilled over into a couple of vicious diss tracks, sparked.
Our consciousness is the key to our abilities to actualize new realities.Three weeks before the release of Daytona, a hand grenade was thrown among Wests fan base, the debris forming a thousand think-pieces.Then it is back to his home in Virginia, true to his lyric on Daytona, a stones throw from the streets where shake maken met melk it all began.We spoke about insensitivity.Hes a guy who runs off feelings.Let us open to new guidance, new inspiration, new collaboration with each other and with Great Spirit.Drake brought Pushas fiancee, Virginia Williams, into.
For so very long we have been heavily identified with our egoic minds which are programmed for separation, judgement, and who guide us to live in the past and future.
I gotta have something to compare Daytona to, dont I?
The journey into the New World has just barely begun.
The top grossing tours would be Pink Floyd and the Eagles, and I would wonder when Run DMC would be up there, Pusha says.
How can we live more sustainably and with greater care for our Living Earth?
Next week, work could begin on another set of impulsively created good Music releases.
Where I felt he went wrong.Indeed, the 13 Baktuns of History closed as the snake ate its tail.Wests divisive Ye and his collaborative album with, kid Cudi, Nass workshop sieraden maken helmond first new music in six years, and an LP from rising R B star.We all know how holistically the work of global rebalancing spans - inclusive of our systems and sciences of energy, economics, education, justice, government, health care, agriculture and food, media, etc., etc., etc.Kanye West in a rustic Wyoming mansion, part of an ambitious plot by the pairs good Music imprint to record and release five albums by five artists in five weeks.When Im back, Im gonna call him and check his temperature.Kanyes been calling me every day like, We gotta go back in!As a couple of anti-obesity campaigners joked, Pusha had finally found something deadlier than drugs to centre his music.What new capacities are we called to develop?Despite the storm clouds, Daytona was instantly hailed as a classic, his best work since.Malice and Pusha were born in the Bronx, but moved to Virginia when Pusha was aged two, returning to New York each summer to visit their grandmother, where they mingled with locals and got their first taste of hip-hop.