make your own tee

Article Summary X To design your own t-shirt, start by picking a color scheme, and decide which color will be the fabric of the t-shirt and which will be the font or image.
Silk screens can only apply one color at a time, so create a simple shape or outline to begin learning.
Do this in as dark a room as possible.
(or for a gift, so that would be for someone else).2 Use computer software to create the design.The font should work with the image(s) in your design to create a balanced design.1, when using lighter shirts, avoid pastel colors like yellow, light blue, or light pink.To screen-print your design at home, you kwalitaria kortingsbonnen 2018 will need: 8 A plain t-shirt 50 ml bottle of degreaser (available at your local art store) 1 liter cold water A large brush 500 ml of emulsion A small bottle of sensitizer A bottle of screen printing.Julie Morris from Circle Pines, MN "Just found on a search with Google by chance, website worked perfect, if you were a stock I would rate you AAA.".With the screen flooded, youre ready to transfer the design to the shirt.Question What do I do if I designed it on paper?
8 Don't forget to let the screen dry before moving.
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4 Think of your stencil as the ink on the shirt.
Silk screening uses a pre-made design to apply ink onto a shirt quickly.Think of a stencil like carving a pumpkin - all the parts you cut away make up the "shape" of the pumpkin.Whether you can already take credit for designing your Uncle Joe's awesome 50th birthday shirts, or you haven't doodled since middle school, we believe there's a t-shirt designer in every one.From early in the day and into the evening, T-shirts have a place in every persons lifestyle.Drag the ink back up across how to make a bandeau the flooded screen over the design.This will prevent ink, paint, or dye from bleeding through to the back of the shirt.When using an image from the internet, print it out on a transfer paper for better quality.Look for a font that complements your overall design, rather than overwhelm.Before you send your shirt to be printed, make a prototype by printing the design and ironing it onto a plain shirt!Most of the art pieces that you can find in our studio are original and hand-drawn, so you will only see them on our site.Customer Rating: Excellent service, great product!It will also make it easier to move your t-shirt to a safe spot later to dry.

4 Create a prototype.
The fabric will quickly soak up the liquid so work quickly, but with a steady hand.