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Read This Book Now More About this Book "Denslow's Three Bears" A young girl befriends a family of bears.Read This Book Now More About this Book "A Visit From Saint Nicholas.A semblé thenne he cowthe let make Of dyvers lordis, yn postcodeloterij korting burgers zoo here state, Dukys, erlys, and barnes also, Kyngthys, sqwyers, and mony mo, And the grete burges of that syté, They were hoekbank buiten zelf maken ther alle yn here degré; These were ther uchon algate, To ordeyne for.Theves he schal herberon never won, Ny hym that hath y-quellude a mon, Wy thylike that hath a febul name, Lest hyt wolde turne the craft to schame.Thys goode lorde loved thys craft ful wel, And purposud to strenthyn hyt every del, For dyvers defawtys that yn the craft he fonde; He sende about ynto the londe After alle the masonus of the crafte, To come to hym ful evene stragfte, For.Into the churche when thou dost gon, Pulle uppe thy herte to Crist, anon; Uppon the rode thou loke uppe then, And knele down fayre on bothe thy knen; Then pray to hym so hyr to worche, After the lawe of holy churche, For.Additionally, the manual provides suggestions for tableaux scenes and living pictures (pose plastique).Play thou not but with thy peers, Nor it makes me cry tell thou not all that thou hears; Discover thou not thine own deed, For no mirth, nor for no reward; With fair speech thou might have thy will, With it thou might thy self spoil.Futhermore yet that ordained he, Master called so should he be; So that he were most worshipped, Then should he be so called; But masons should never one another call, Within the craft amongst them all, Neither subject nor servant, my dear brother, Though.So say we all for charity.When thou metyst a worthy mon, Cappe and hod thou holle not on; Yn churche, yn chepyns, or yn the gate, Do hym revera(n)s after hys state.
If that he have any man of craft, And he be not so perfect as he ought, He may him change soon anon, And take for him a more perfect man.
He schal swere never to be no thef, Ny soker hym yn hys fals craft, For no good that he hath byraft, And thou mowe hyt knowe or syn, Nowther for hys good, ny for hys kyn.
Throggh hye grace of Crist yn heven, He commensed yn the syens seven; Gramatica ys the furste syens y-wysse, Dialetica the secunde, so have y blysse, Rethorica the thrydde, withoute nay, Musica ys the fowrth, as y gow say, Astromia ys the v,.
For alle the masonus tht ben there Wol stonde togedur hol y-fere Gef suche won yn that craft schulde swelle, Of dyvers desesys ge mygth telle: For more gese thenne, and of honeste, Take a prentes of herre degre.
If such one in that craft should dwell, Of divers disease you might tell; For more ease then, and of honesty, Take a 'prentice of higher degree.
Bij een analyse van een partij wordt meestal op én of meer punten een variant aangegeven, bijvoorbeeld op een moment waar én van beide spelers het beter had kunnen doen of waar een voor.
Also hyt were ageynus good reson, To take hys, hure as hys felows don.From "Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know.Read This Book Now More About this Book "Sleeping Beauty" A princess is awakened from a long sleep by a handsome prince.Sinds 1941 zijn talloze studenten door een beurs van zijn Fonds in staat gesteld om hun studie af te ronden of om zich wetenschappelijk nog verder te bekwamen.The seventh point he may well mean, Of well long life that God us lend, As it descrieth well openly, Thou shalt not by thy master's wife lie, Nor by thy fellows in no manner wise, Lest the craft would thee despise; Nor by thy.Read This Book Now More About this Book "My Very First Little German Book" This book invites readers to learn German by featuring simple sentences with an English translation.