Redrew grass/snow/mycelium and podzol side textures.
I can only hope that I can keep making everyone happy with continued improvements make sound louder to the pack!
New textures for Peaceful pack: 35 types of log stumps for Kindling Trees, 31 of them new.
new GUI option for the Hopper item.Jun 03rd update: Another major milestone - 2,000,000 customized pack downloads AND 1,000,000 non-customized pack downloads!Extrabiomes XL: 20 large tree interior textures.Redrew texture for map backgrounds.36) Craft 16 Glass Panes.peaceful pack - 5 slime pool textures added in all normal slime colours.6 types of vases - 4 fired clay vases, orange planter's pot, and super mario style pipe.3 colours of Elder Guardian - albino, abyssal and benthic.Roamin the cat as flower and desert shrub options.Added quiver options in all 3 arrow colours by Foxx Ramos for both arrow and quiver texture options.added concrete, concrete block, sidewalk, and weathered block options for sandstone.
Update Important, the crafting guide has been moved to a whole new site.
Nether quartz ore in 4 styles (classic, simple, rpg, bismuth) for all 23 styles of netherrack.
If you find any errors or missing recipes, dont hesitate to contact.52 double-tall flower options for use with all 3 double-tall basic flowers.Plain style gold tools.Over 750 texture items created, all said and done, as part of the painterly telethon, make newsletter online as chosen by YOU, the viewer at home.25 new sapling options, largely for Extrabiomes XL support.slimes now choose one of 4 matching slimeball graphics when selected for particles.14 styles of prismarine crystal, some of which are also used with prismarine shards.16 varieties of beacon beams in a myriad of blue, pink and gold colours.