minecraft how to make a sword

How to make OP sword in mcpe (Toolbox required).
MRgamingchannel6 6 yl önce hi guys MRgamingchannel6 here with another video today i am going to show to make a a diamond sword pixel art.
Each enchantment will display a number on the right which is the number of experience levels that you must have to unlock and view the enchantment ( this is not the cost of applying the enchantment ).
New minecraft update that adds new minecraft swords!Discord Server: /xfgyszf (Server is boring and in-construction.Increases attack damage against arthropods, curse of Vanishing, cursed item will disappear after player dies.Leave a comment and let me know what you would like me to make next.Serpexnessie 4 yl önce, enjoy!
OverStar Manapsal 5 yl önce, pixel ART!
So the higher the durability number, the longer the item will last.
Killerkev 5 yl önce, hay Guys Killerkev here and today I am going to be showing you how to make a Minecraft Diamond Sword as a Pixel Art.
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World Seed: Structure File.OP minecraft ninja weapons!Spraggsy 4 yl önce Welcome to my Minecraft Tutorials video.The following table shows the attack damage and durability for each sword/melee weapon in Minecraft: Other Enchanted Items In Minecraft, you can make other enchanted items such.So how do you get perfect enchants in Minecraft Survival?If you don't have enough levels, you can always earn more experience points by killing mobs or using the /xp command.Optional: You can choose either cyan stained clay.Light555113 2 yl önce Spraggsy 4 yl önce Welcome to my Minecraft Tutorials video.