Les Cons (The Nuts) : Dressed in all-white, these mischievous characters are the ever-present fools of the show.
The theater was designed by Michel Crête, Michel Aubé of Scéno Plus, Walt Disney Imagineering, and witch make up for kids the architects of the Rockwell Group of New York.
Discuss their needs, and start booking your venue today.A b c d "La Nouba Highlights" (PDF).Les Urbains : People of the city, without personality.Aerial cradle : The aerial cradle looks like a door and is the setting for a perfect example of equal-opportunity strength and agility.Each floor weighs over 10,000 pounds (4,500 kg) and can move up to 2 feet per second (0.61 m/s).
Les Danseurs (The Dancers) : The Romeo and Juliet of the show.
They are elaborated with complex collars, head ornaments and tutu skirts for the males.
Below are the tracks in order as they appear on the.
4, in 2007, 12 members of the power track act performed a routine during the pre-game show.
The entire stage deck is layered with impact-resilient Mondo Sport Floor over wood in order to avoid injury.He is part of the Red Pierrot family, themselves part of a larger group of individuals known as Les Cirques.He is the adversary of the Titan until he joins him in mutual admiration at the end of the show.This is the most dangerous act in La Nouba as it uses no wires or support, only the artists' concentration.In 2015, this act made way for the B-boys.The stage floor itself has five elevator lifts, each with a 3,000 pounds (1,400 kg) load capacity.Unsere Profis arbeiten nur mit den besten Produkten von Redken und verpassen Ihnen die richtige Farbe und den richtigen Schnitt.Aerial ballet in silk : A solo male performer dangles above the stage using incredible strength to create multiple poses, while four female artists wrap themselves in the long column of silk and then unwrap themselves by spinning and flipping in this sky high ballet.The show contains the following acts: 11 12 Breakdancing : Josh Ortiz The Incredible Josh Jean Carlos Lloret Bebo and Dmytro Li Flying Buddha perform routines that straddle the line between dance and acrobatics, with spins, flips and other tricks.High wire : The entire act took place on a 90-foot (27 m)-long high wire.

Ob Tages Make-up, Glamour Look, Hochzeits Make-up, oder Ballstyling!
Diabolos : A children's toy with a circus twist, four young and very talented girls throw hourglass-shaped, giant yoyos in the air with help of a long line of string connected to two sticks that they hold in each hand.