List of loanwords edit From Austronesian languages edit From Minangkabau edit Most of Indonesian's vocabulary is natively derived from Malay, but some might ultimately be loanwords from Minang language.
In contrast to the large number of mechanical terms borrowed from Dutch (e.g., automotive parts hi-tech words are typically taken from English (e.g., internet).This problem is usually solved by the insertion of the schwa.Indonesia functioning as lingua franca for speakers of 200 various languages across the archipelago.But the processes may also be out of period; for example, Indonesian words are still being concocted from Sanskrit, and the influence of the Dutch language certainly continued after the Dutch themselves left.Most of its speakers are inhabitants of Jakarta, and its influence upon Indonesian is attributed to its frequent usage in Indonesian mass media, including radio and television.Shield, buckler (come from phara ).For example, Dutch schroef sxruf sekrup skrup.The disproportionate number of Javanese that dominate Indonesian politics is reflected by the fact that six out of seven Indonesian presidents have been ethnic Javanese.) begroting budget begroting budget belek, blek can, tin blik can, tin behel dental braces beugel.To deliver bestir management board bestuur.
Jakarta: Balai 1 maint: Multiple names: authors list ( link ) Becoming Indian: The Unfinished Revolution of Culture and Identity by Pavan.
Many early Bible translators, when they came across some unusual Hebrew words or proper names, used the Arabic cognates.
Loba greed lobha greed; passion; unskillful desire.
Reign bêsèt excoriation bezetten to occupy, to fill besuk to visit kado ouders bruiloft sick persons bezoeken to visit BH, beha brassiere bustehouder brassiere binnen.To speak katai, katik small, short kaai short, low, dwarfish defect, deficiency katelum bastion kottalam part of a rampart, bastion, defensive erection on the top of a rampart from Pli kohaka kati a measure of weight 6 ons kai a measure of weight 25 palams.Dam check (pattern) dm net, snare dandi a kind of musical instrument o small kettle-drum Sanskrit tadbahva dera lash durr to whip dian small lamp dy light, lamp, lantern dobi laundry worker dhob laundry worker (male) dol.It is descended from Sanskrit and is considered part of the New Indo-Aryan subgroup.Bibliography edit de Vries, Jan., Grns,.D.Reduction (in price discount vci.Biblical apocrypha apókruphos hidden apologi.Word Meaning Original word adem cool temperature adhem adiluhung/adiluhur refined, highly sophisticated taste adiluhung amblas vanish ambles ambruk collapse ambruk among nurture among ampuh potent ampuh anggun graceful anggun angker haunted angker anjlok dropped anjlog antek stooge antek anyar new anyar apik neat, nice apik.Merana sick, sadness mraa killing, slaughter, murder cognate of Sanskrit ( mraa ).

Lento (music) very slow.
According to the 2000 census, the relative number of people of Chinese descent in Indonesia (termed the peranakan ) is almost 1 (totaling to about 3 million people, although this may likely be an underestimate due to an anti-Chinese sentiment that exists in some circles.