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Olympus E-P5: Controls, the Olympus E-P5 both visually and practically suggests itself as an alternative to that dslr by including front and back command wheels for scrolling through functions and menu choices - just like on an actual dslr.
A new step down top plate design, which means the flash and hotshoe sit on a higher level, while the shooting mode dial, shutter release button and on/off switch are located on a lower one, has resulted in a couple of control changes.
Just to push the boat out completely, if choosing this last premium option, purchasers can request the fitting of a real wood handgrip at the time of ordering.The screen resolution hike is welcome in lieu of any alternative viewfinder being included.Alternatively, it's 1349.99 for what should prove the true enthusiasts' favourite option of a 17mm f/1.8 prime lens plus a VF-4 high resolution viewfinder for eye-level shooting that clips onto the camera top.Indeed the E-P5 now trumps most in its class with a whopping 1,037,000 dots.An on-screen text warning prompts you to do this on power up, which means that it isn't quite as quick off the blocks as a dslr between powering up and you being able to take the first shot, or video, even if it.For those who favour a more modern take, further rivals are to be found in the.Olympus E-P5: Battery The E-P5 comes with a BLN-1 lithium ion rechargeable battery.It's a recommended 899.99 body only, 999.99 including the regular 14-42mm kit lens (a match for a 28-84mm focal range on a 35mm camera) as we've played with here.Olympus claims that this is good for 400 shots leger make up from a full charge, which sounds impressive until you hear the caveat that performance drops by 50 if you're using the cameraís rear LCD in Live View mode to compose shots - pretty unavoidable really, unless.Olympus E-P5 release date: Out now Olympus E-P5 price: 999.99 with 14-42mm zoom lens as reviewed.
While the above sounds enticing enough, the price alone does single out the E-P5 as an enthusiast tool, however.
Samsungs S-Pen is already pretty useful, so it looks like theyre going to make it even better with this new deal.
Not only is the image relayed by the screen for lining up a shot incredibly smooth and life-like, even as you pan with the camera, but video looks stunning and sounds good too - thanks to built-in stereo microphones.
Thankfully, its maker has kept the articulated pop-up flash sunk into its top plate introduced pinata cadeautjes in the previous iteration in the E-P3.
As it is, the narrow grip provided does make for a reasonably steady hold, even if shooting one-handed.Image 1 of 5, olympus E-P5 review, image 2.Video is more forgiving and here the E-P5 particularly cuts the mustard, with clips looking great when replayed on the camera's own high-resolution screen and almost as good when viewed full size on a desktop monitor.Naturally the interchangeable lens Olympus has witnessed growing competition these past four years, most strongly from compact system cameras (CSCs) such as the.Additionally the backplate features a familiar four-way control pad with exposure -3EV comprehensive flash, continuous shooting or self-timer options.At its worst some shots can appear little better than the output of a good snapshot camera - with the occasional bit of over-exposure, pixel fringing and blown highlights in brighter conditions.Another advantage of the Olympus CSC range is built-in image stabilisation; here its five axis system also mirrors the OM-D's anti shake capabilities.