10 1/4 x 8 1/4" Norman Knott painting of 3 geese on red ground.
Argentino 1891, also marked Weyersberg Kirschbaum Solingen.
Watch., Eaton, Railway Time Keepr, Waltham, Warne Bros.
M m Clutch Project : Simple design with a nice fabric applique, has a button and hair elastic loop closure.Some ideas to store in the zippered binder : Small pair of scissors for clipping.Bayonet w/ 3 sided blade, total length 18 3/4 blade length 15 3/4 marked.Shell oil bottle, oil can collection, oil fillers spouts, working Ditzler Auto Finishes thermometer, pair Gall GSW copper oil cans/fillers, vintage fountain ballpoint pens to include Parker, cadeau spa Sheaffer, Cross, Papermate more, advertising pens collection, vintage lighting to include twin desk lamp, lava lamp,.Either buy index dividers that will fit your box or make them out of cardboard from old cereal boxes.Follow the grocery list while youre shopping and youll quickly spot which items have a coupon.
Do this if its a good deal and you know youll use it, its a great way to help with bulk cooking meal planning as well as bulking up on stock.
Knife, total length 10 1/2 blade 7 3/4 marked "Hecho em Oaxaca".
Bayonet total length 11 7/8 blade length 7 7/8 marked 1956.Stack handle knife in sheath, total length 12 3/4 blade length 7 no marks.The Month or Product Category) and you can see at a glance what each pocket holds.Militaria related: militaria to include 40 bayonets (detailed list below) and edged weapons, photos, large collection of military badges and pins to include North West Mounted Police, rcmp, WWI II medals, badges, patches, shoulder flashes pins, navy hatbands, military hats, medals awards to include 1815.You can buy binders in any number of sizes, but youll want a size that will fit the plastic pocket sheets.Vintage/collectibles: memorabilia new old stock from Shell Station in Lakefield to include 4 Spooky Wendy 1969 12 cent comics, pen sets, postcards, 30 lighters to include vintage Ronson promotional Shell award lighter NIB, Studio 12 lighter MIB, Sky Chief glass panel from gas pump, maps.37 x 31" acrylic on canvas of barn and field in early spring, signed lower left,.A.Fales '73.

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27 1/2 x 22 Daphne Odjig print signed Odjig '68.