This mostly stems from the countrys notoriously bad bureaucratism, the dreary weather, and the ugly, monotonous urban landscape.
Chinese philosophy is famous too: Confucianism, Taoism, Feng Shui, Yin and Yang, the I-Ching, This again leads to the idea that Chinese mainly speak in kinderbankje maken aphorisms.
Their dialect is noted for being difficult to understand, but also very cool, or at least intimidating (kind of like a Scottish accent in English).They are frequently lumped together with Slavic countries despite Romanian being a language closer to Latin than Slavic languages.Its also freezing cold.Usually, such people are referring to intellectual, satirical stuff like The Goon Show, Monty Python, Blackadder, and The Office how to make yorkshire (UK).Theres some Truth in Television to this: a lot of works depicting sex and nudity causing excitement or controversy in other continents hardly bat an eye in Europe.Traditionally, Norway has been the Scandinavian country with the strictest morality codes, because of a strong layman-movement.The only Swiss cities that exist in the public consciousness are Zürich and Geneva.Otherwise its lumped in with the rest of sub-Saharan Africa in terms of being thought of as a heavily pagan, juju spirit-believing culture, although Orthodox Christianity was introduced in the 4th century, Judaism even earlier, and there is a decently large Muslim population.Democracy (or, at least, a reasonable and moderate government) is seemingly non-existant in Russia whenever depicted in popular culture.To examplify Russias record as the largest nation of the world characters will travel by Trans Siberian Express spending months on that train, ideal for developing romances or solving murder mysteries.
Internationally, the Vatican is known for only two things: Useful Notes:The Pope and the Sistine Chapel, where the ceiling was painted by Michelangelo Buonarroti.
United Europe: The European Union is a specific European phenomenon.
Another stereotypical image is the rich Arab Oil Sheikh.
Whenever they feel threatened- or if something moves in their vicinity they will reach out for their handgun and shoot.
A typical phenomenon is the weather.
This has lead to the stereotype that the Chinese will eat anything.All Asians showcase tremendous respect to their ancestors.Homer: cackles Oh, they got our number!Women are named Helga, Olga, Gretel, Brunhilda, or Nina.He believes every word in the Bible literally, denounces the evolution theory and will engage in exorcisms, magical healings, river baptisms and stuff that is a mix between fraud and superstition.Only two cities will be mentioned in popular culture: Glasgow and Edinburgh.Americans are often seen as people who vocally try to defend their own rights, according to what they claim is in the Constitution.More recent portrayals seem to indicate that the Chinese might be taking over the ruthless businessman role from the Japanese in Hollywood films.The operas of Richard Wagner have also created several stereotypes associated with Germany, like the large blonde Teutonic woman wearing a Viking helmet, spear, and shield like Brynhildr in Der Ring des Nibelungen.When someone does bother to note the difference, Persians (the men, anyway) will be stereotyped similarly to the so-called Guidos.The Iranians, for their part, tend to regard the Arabs and the Turkic peoples as somewhat barbaric fools, who were still nomadic nobodies at the time that Persia ruled everywhere.Negative stereotypes about Arabs are that they are all supposedly agressive fanatical assassins.