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Whatever you do, never accuse them of maliciously abusing the project's procedures, of being paranoid, or, in general, of any of the other things that you suspect are probably true.
This book has already discussed how to make my hair handle them: comment on the rudeness the first time, and from then on, either ignore them or treat them the same as anyone else.Random's behavior was a classic case of abusing project procedures.Go to our customer portal 2019.I would also say that one of these people is consistently drawing time and energy from the other 5, not to mention the list as a whole, thus (albeit unintentionally) slowing the development of Subversion.In the example I'll use here, the person was not rude, and sincerely wanted only to be helpful.Michael Pilato" 220 "J.Another example is when there's a debate that won't converge on consensus, but the group tries to at least clarify the points of disagreement and produce a summary for everyone to refer to from then.
This means that neutralizing it can be quite a bit of work.
Subject: The Subversion Energy Sink, date: Wed, 23:37:47 -0600.
I think some sort of radical intervention is necessary here, even if we do scare the aforementioned person away.
We'd already tried asking him nicely to do a little more research for answers before posting, but that had no effect.
Be sure to have plenty of examples to demonstrate what you're saying, and say it as gently as possible while still being direct.If they continue being rude, they will usually make themselves so unpopular as to have no influence on others in the project, so they are a self-containing [email protected] is a mailing list to facilitate development of a version control system, not a group therapy session.Part of the reason this strategy worked was, perhaps, the implicit threat that we could start restricting his posts via the moderation software normally used for preventing spam (see the section called Spam Prevention ).Random" 176 Branko dino eieren maken ibej 130 Philip Martin 126 Ben Collins-Sussman I would say that five of these people are contributing to Subversion hitting.0 in the near future.The strategy that finally worked is a perfect example of how to build a strong case on neutral, quantitative data.Given that it's so much work to fight, it's often better just to tolerate it for a while.Once you've got a good case built, start having private conversations with other project participants.No one wakes up in the morning and says to himself: "Today I'm going to cynically manipulate procedural forms in order to be an irritating obstructionist." Instead, such actions are often preceded by a semi-paranoid feeling of being shut out of group interactions and decisions.But the reason we were able to have that option in reserve was that Fitz had gathered the necessary support from key people first.

Niceties and kindness have already proven to have no effect.