Walls Title Mark Walls.
Audio Electrical buzzing, popping bubble sounds.
Video footage Yoav Elgrichi interview Title yoav elgrichi CO-founder impactech Dialogue: Yoav Elgrichi.accelerating startups in the energy field.Video footage, drone shot, Marina Bay Sands, text displays.Technologies from the various IdeaRefinery start-ups.Video footage Visitors participating in exhibits Technical inspection teams at paddocks Marshalls on race track Text on screen Global and local partners Dialogue: Matthias Goelke.and Shell provides such an excellent platform over here.Dialogue: Mark Gainsborough then I think, you know, thats going to be a major contribution that we can make.
Video footage, drone shot, Gardens by the Bay.
Visuals Hessel and Huib look up to Peter in anticipation.
Text displays, hydrogen is the most common element in the universe.
Video footage, john Abbott on stage, giving speech.
Its a bit like emoticons on the internet.
Visual transition/change Peter, dressed in yellow and black overalls and a climbing harness, starts ascending the turbines metal ladder.
To supply the Netherlands' entire demand, including transport and heating.Video footage Montage of kids at exhibition Dialogue: Koh Kong Meng.than I was yesterday.Video footage Lates performances Various shots of visitors participating in exhibition booths Mariam Al-Foudery interview Mascot posing for camera Text on screen Make the Future Singapore Lates Dialogue: Mariam Al-Foudery It speaks to the importance of sustainability, the importance of collaboration, being forward thinking.Voiceover And if that electricity comes from renewable sources, then this whole deal becomes free of CO2 emissions Text displays And if that electricity comes from renewable sources Then how do artists make money on spotify the whole deal becomes free of CO2 emissions Animated sequence We then see several turning wind.Video footage Winning team of The Bright Ideas Challenge collecting prize Text on screen Winner: Broadrick Secondary School Dialogue:.Underneath, dark gray text reads: For more bright energy ideas, go to /makethefuture Shell International 2017.