There's a few big in-game bugs as well.
Unfortunately, the game engine punishes the player for this: it's almost necessary to have low income residents working in dirty factories somewhere or the player loses a potentially hefty chunk of tax revenue and the city's economy will never reach its full growth potential.
Exclusive Plugged IN rewards program 7-Day Digital.99 / wk Subscribe, convenience of home delivery, award-winning coverage of DFW, money-saving coupons delivered each Sunday.Never Recycle a Building : SimCity 2000 takes this trope at full speed.Cosmetic Award : The "View" gift, while not costing anything, merely allows you to see your city tilted at an angle as if on a tabletop.Luckily, the global market tends to be fairly kind with the price of coal, ore, and oil at the moment.In 3000, this also applies if you don't have any jails constructed (which were first introduced in this game).4, a low level, c API called Marmalade System provides an abstraction layer that allows a programmer access to device functionality such as memory management, file access, timers, networking, input methods (e.g.For supporting older devices with no dedicated rendering hardware, a legacy software based rendering option is provided.Additionally, you could use the Apache's rockets to cause a nuclear meltdown, by blowing up a city's nuclear power plant (if one was built).352 : « With more than 60,000 units sold in the United States, Donkey Kong was Nintendo's biggest arcade hit.
SimHealth : Try and change the circa-1993 US healthcare system!
And depending on where it crashes, this will also start a fire.
In SimCity 2000 many neighbouring city names are references to Red Dwarf and Blake's 7 One of the disasters in the 2013 game is an Epic Creature from Spore.
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In SimCity 2013, hackers can now take advantage of the "always online" requirement to wreak havoc in the cloud-saved cities of other players (It does not save them though).
40,24 millions 79, 11 intendo R D4 Nintendo 2e Duck Hunt 28,31 millions 80 intendo R D1 Nintendo 3e Super Mario Bros.One of the buildings that may appear in a Hi-Tech industrial zone in SimCity 4 is called Kane Tiberium.Revenue Up 4 In Best Month Ever», Gamasutra, (consulté le ) «ChartSpot: February 2010», GameSpot, (consulté le ) «Selling Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2», 27 septembre 2014 (consulté le ) «Selling Grand Theft Auto IV», 27 septembre 2014 (consulté le ) «Selling Call.There was a large amount of code, apparently cut fairly early in development since it's mostly incomplete, that added weather and also complex water mechanics, such as aquifers and salt water.Vice City : If you choose to legalise gambling and build only a select few police stations or not any at all, your city will be this.Because the game is creating news stories by randomly picking pre-generated sentences, filling in the blanks with random data, and then stringing them together.Rang Titre Exemplaires vendus Date de sortie Développeur Éditeur 1 Sonic Adventure olympische ringen maken 2,42 millions 140 23 décembre 1998 Sonic Team Sega 2 Crazy Taxi 1,81 million 13, 141 itmaker Sega 3 halloween doodskist maken NFL 2K 1,20 million 13 9 septembre 1999 Visual Concepts Sega 4 Shenmue 1,18.Lampshaded in SimCity 3000 when one unpauses a game a while after pausing it and making tweaks.(en) Ken Horowitz, «Interview:.The "Reticulating Splines" status is so pervasive, SimCity 4 even parodies it, with the status "Gesticulating Mimes".11 «Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell sets new standards for the PlayStation 2 Computer Entertainment System», Ubisoft, (consulté le ) a et b «Xbox Software Best Seller Ranking», Shrine of Data, (consulté le ) (en) Darren Waters, «Molyneux driven by past failure», BBC News, (consulté.Rang Titre Exemplaires vendus Date de sortie Développeur Éditeur 1 Tetris 35,00 millions Bullet-Proof Software Nintendo 2 Pokémon Rouge et Bleu 31,38 millions Game Freak Nintendo 3 Pokémon Or et Argent 23,10 millions 21 novembre 1999 Game Freak Nintendo 4 Super Mario Land 18,14 millions.Accelerometer, keyboard, touch screen) and sound and video output.This can have a severe effect on certain blocks, easily dropping a C-3 High building down to a C-1 Low for example or dropping a growing R-2 High to low density housing.

Weaponised Car : Streets is built on this trope, too.