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Normal Winged Items Glitch Note: The Parabeetle version only works on levels created before version.47 If a winged object loses its wings by either being grabbed by Mario or swallowed by Yoshi, it will minecraft cheats to make a castle retain some physics of still having the wings while appearing.
When in a level with autoscroll, Mario is able to be pushed ahead offscreen by an object on a track, such as a Bill Blaster.
During his ground pound cycle will cause him to start flying.This will work with any form of Mario.Normal Fast Muncher Launch Glitch By placing a Muncher in a certain setup it is possible to launch an item at very fast speeds.This is also possible jumping off of a Bumper and immediately landing on ground.The Beach Koopa will then remain in place even if the ceiling is removed.If the shell is moving Mario will take damage if he tries to jump.This list not does include glitches that are done in editor or glitches that can be considered a tech.
TheYoshiOverlord, the ending part of the song is why I love this level, this is the best and should be number one.
It is unknown if this works with other enemies.
Normal High Speed Muncher/Thwomp Glitch Note: This only works on levels created before version.47 Trapping a Muncher or Thwomp inside Brick Blocks or Rotating Blocks by activating a P Switch will force them to rapidly move forward.He will fly up infinitely unless he hits a ceiling, in which he will stay at that height even if there is no longer a ceiling above him.When a giant Bowser hits a sideways spring while in the air he will be sent flying upwards.The reason for this is likely because the game still thinks it's a Parabeetle even though it loses its wings when swallowed by Yoshi.Normal Spring Launching Glitch By compressing a lot sideways springs, it is possible to be shot across the entire level map in a few seconds.

I really liked this one.
Normal Flying Bowser.