My inbox is usually full of stupid cease desist messages from various antipiracy organizations, but its mails like this one which make you whiskeysaus maken garnalencocktail happy.
Don't waste time and energy fine-tuning the details forever.It's a process and don't forget to have fun with.Be cautious and ask questions.Most of the feedback from everyone who has downloaded The Man From Earth has been overwhelmingly positive.Its good to see that some people realize that internet piracy isnt just evil.Design isnt art, its usability.Wilkinson and I am the producer of a small independent film called Jerome Bixbys The Man From Earth ( our review ).Buttons must look like buttons, links must be easy to hit, menus must be in conventional places.
In tools like Edicy and its numerous competitors, design stock is part of the service.
But a design can be okay or even good enough without them.
But still hundreds of usable options remain.
On the other hand, adding a missing block of text or illustration to a simple design should be doable - if you stick to just adding content and not trying to design anything.
No, it doesnt mean a good design is a stupidizer.I received a very pleasant mail docentenagenda zelf maken today.Craigslist or, google for example.Design should only support content, give it a form, and make the digesting part seamless and natural.Sites have two kinds of visitors.