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Please contact the hotel directly to find out their black friday korting apple discounted rates and and book your hotel!
You will then receive a voucher that has to be exchanged to the actual pass inside Japan and within three months of purchase.
The green car fee and eventual shinkansen or limited express supplement fees will have to be paid separately, which usually adds up to a rather large amount.
For example: when starting to use a 7-day pass at noon on day 1, it will expire at midnight at the end of day 7 rather than at noon of day.No, it is not possible.It used to be valid on a small number of JR highway buses before spring 2013.The pass is also sold at selected stations inside Japan from March 8, 2017 until March 31, 2019 at an increased cost.Most cadeaubon gratis maken of the hotels are located near Japan Railway (JR) stations and will be convenient for all Japan Rail Pass users.For peace of mind it is always recommended to make seat reservations especially when traveling in groups and you wish to sit together.Furthermore, the pass provides convenience and flexibility in addition to saving money.JR (Japan Railways including shinkansen, limited express, express, rapid and local trains.The Japan Rail Pass includes the following additional features: Free Seat Reservations Japan Rail Pass holders can make seat reservations for JR trains for free (more details below).Among long-distance trains, most carry some non-reserved seating, for which seat reservations are not mandatory.
It won't pay off for urban travel alone.
JRHotel Group have 64 hotels in all over Japan.
See our night train page for more details.On a few trains reservations are mandatory (see above).Urban transportation alone will not justify the purchase of a Japan Rail Pass.Note however, that discount rates available elsewhere,.g.What happens if I miss a train for which I have seat reservations?However, there is a small number of trains, which carry only reserved seating and require seat reservations.But if you cover some long distances within a relatively short time period, the pass is likely to pay off.Our Japan Rail Pass Calculator and the timetable website Hyperdia are good tool to compare regular ticket costs with the pass.The Japan Rail Pass can be used only by short term visitors to Japan, who enter Japan as "temporary visitors".On most urban and local trains they are not even possible.

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As a rule of thumb, the 7-day pass costs about the same as regular shinkansen tickets for a round trip between Tokyo and Kyoto.
The pass comes in two types: ordinary and green car.