what makes time travel possible

The assumption that matter is composed of atoms was a useful convention in late 19th century physics; but, after Einstein's explanation of Brownian motion in terms of atoms, the convention became a fact.
President in 2016 was possible relative to the actual world of 2015, but not relative to the actual world of 2017.
Includes a discussion of Benjamin Libets claim to have discovered in the 1970s that the brain events involved in initiating a free choice occur about a third of a second before we are aware of our making the choice.In technical-ease, we are asking what are the "truthmakers" of the true sentences and the "falsemakers" of the false sentences.(1) For any event, time "fixes" when it surf makes occurs.An advanced undergraduate textbook by an important philosopher of science.Instead, when we speak of the "vividness" of our present experience of, say, a tree in front of us, we are really comparing our present experience of the tree with our dim memories of past trees and expectations of future trees.
We want something like this when we ask, "What is time?" Here are three brief answers to the question.
When rent affordability surpasses the 32-percent threshold, homelessness will likely rise rapidly.
"Physically possible " requires being consistent with confirmed physical theory, and the two leading theories are the general theory of relativity and quantum field theory.
Remembering When, Scientific American: Special Edition: A Matter of Time, vol.
For all propositions p and q, (Pp Pq) P(p q) v P(p Pq) v P(q Pp).
Horwich argues that time itself has no arrow.
According to David Lewis in On the Plurality of Worlds, the primary argument for perdurantism is that it has an easy time of solving what he calls the problem of temporary intrinsics, of which the Heraclitus paradox is one example.Science places special requirements on the micro-structure of time.Special Relativity: Proper Times, Coordinate systems, and Lorentz Transformations Proper Times, Coordinate Systems, and Lorentz Transformations (by Andrew Holster).A 4-dimensionalist who advocates perdurance says the proper metaphysical analysis of the Heraclitus Paradox is that we can step into the same river twice by stepping into two different temporal parts of the same 4-dimensional river.If Ludwig Boltzmann changes his mind from liking Joseph Loschmidt to disliking him, does that count as an ordinary change?This prevents quantized time.McTaggart's A-Theory and B-Theory In 1908, the English philosopher.M.E.But it was challenged in the 11th century by Peter Damian who said God could change the past.According to René Descartes' dualistic philosophy of mind, the mind is not in space, but it is in time.The philosopher Hans Reichenbach said that, in order to define distant simultaneity in a single reference frame in special relativity, we must in principle send a light signal to and from the distant event, and in doing this we must adopt a convention about how.Without this, or if it were just as likely for any process to go forward as to go backward, then there could be no clocks.Schilpp,., Albert Einstein: Philosopher-Scientist, Harper Row, New York.Using one of these special coordinate systems, all the events in each, single sheet throughout the universe happen simultaneously.Time without Change, Journal of Philosophy, 66 (1969.