E.g."Yeah she's into him big-style." big time Noun.
7 years, 1 month August 5, 2011 September 5, 2018 Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Siete Viejo (gang) Mr Bennett Goes to Town Nonexistent Nazi propaganda film set in Manchester, supposedly produced in 1937 but never released because of production complaints by Joseph Goebbels.E.g."She was blobbing and still wanted sex, but I'm not keen on blood.".Greater honeyguides (Indicator indicator) are reported to lead badgers to beehives, whereupon the badger breaks open the hive and after feeding, leaves scraps for the bird.This will create a prominent notification that the article is a hoax, and noindex.Clausen and Barber Conable held the office during that time.To make (someone) pregnant.
E.g."That new Mini Cooper from BMW is the business.".
Although some authors state that that honey badgers have webbed feet (Estes 1992; Burton 1835; Sclater 1900) there appears to be cadeau voor juf no evidence to support this.
1920s (the) bum's rush Noun.
Beat naam cadeau kind the meat Verb.
7 years September 16, 2008 September 26, 2015 Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Manfred Jung Gatsby Major Alleged to be Director of Bureau of Fisheries in 1897.Late 1800s bugger me!A person who enjoys regularly drinking alcohol.Due to their fairly small size and solitary, reclusive nature, honey badgers are particularly difficult to see in the wild.An objectionable and unpleasant person.Early 1900s blim Noun.Informal bring off Verb.Forced ejection or dismissal.7 years, 5 months February 17, 2008 August 7, 2015 Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Mendaxi Hector Does Nonexistent 1987 animated Conservative Party short films on political topics (.g., Hector Refuses to Join a Trade Union apparently derived from Charley Says ; supposedly ordered destroyed by Margaret.1 Contents Hoaxes extant for at least eight years edit Hoax Length Creation date Deletion date Size in bytes (last edit) Links Vivarem Fictitious Sanskrit word 12 years, 9 months April 3, 2006 January 5, Deletion reason and identification as a hoax Claim that the.Rhyming slang on 'pissed'.8 years, 7 months January 19, 2007 August 31, 2015 Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Doni Kochev Bodhi stones mummie kostuum maken Supposed mythical stones carved from Mount Meru and distributed among eight elders in eight villages because of their sacred powers; falsely sourced to the Mahabharata before G3 deletion.

A bulging stomach caused by drinking large quantities of beer.
E.g."We've bog all chance of winning without our captain and best player." bogart Verb.