Spirit Animals now awards: 50x Box of Spirit Shards, 50x Souls, 8x Apexis Shards.
Posted by Staff on 1 November 2017, 6:37 am note: WE have decided TO change legion realm X25 to Orthros instant 110.
Entries can be posted on our forums or sent directly to us via skype or email.Witchcraft now awards: 25x Box of Spirit Shards, 25x Souls, 4x Apexis Shards.Heroic PVE Jewelry cost changed to Valor Points.Together for 7 years on WoWMortal.Fathom-Lord Karathress (HC 416 Rings) 15 for each item.
Entry) Note: Only Post your entries here.
Type PVP, NO LAG, X15 Xp Rate, Custom Quests.
I had gurthalak in my offhand and a garbage green in the mainhand.
Limited time Miscellaneous Companions?
Arena Spectator - 3v3 Solo Queue - PvP Rank Titles - Events - Vote rewards - Active.
(Example if a paladin was to participate they can't have a 2nd blessing from another paladin.
Fixed Infamous Tooth and added in loot table for every boss with a 35 drop chance.Posted by Staff on, 2:23 am - Normal T13 now costs 700 Valor points.(Example: a mage can't use a warlock healthstone because he can't make them but the mage can use food he gets from conjure food.) You cannot use buffs from another player only your own.Full support client.4.8, realms: x100, Fun.Details Language: EN OblivionWoW - LVL255 - transmog -.3.5a NEW and unique 255 realm with amazing features and a carefully thought-out system3.3.5acata/MoP/WoD contentALL raceclassmallhalaaBalanced.Elite Cataclysmic Quests npcs re-added in 2200 Rated Plateau (Teleportal - PVP - Rated Plateau - requires 200 achievement in order to see it).Blackrock Caverns now awards: 25x Box of Spirit Shards, 50x Souls.A mind flay starts casting for 1 ticks of 11155 idee cadeau retraite original in defensive stance, warrior goes berserker stance.We are a rapidly growing community and we welcome all players maki in english of any ages, new or experienced alike.This is a major help while levelling main or alt characters.Warmaster Blackhorn will reward now 75 Valor Points up from 1 Valor Point(previously bugged).

Without you, this server would definitely not have survived to celebrate it's 7th anniversary.
Rules: - You may use the only level 391 items, without any shirt/tabard with visual effect nor the Battlelord's shirt.
Can't use items unless your class can create or conjure them.